New Releases!

September 27!

The Miller’s Creek matchmakers are multiplying, and they aren’t done with the Milford half dozen yet.

Hannah Troyer thinks she can do it all, but it’s clear the young woman needs help with the apple harvest this year. The local bakers have an idea on how to remedy that. Throw in a handsome, overly confident, Leon Milford and let the sparks fly.

It will be the craziest summer ever to hit Miller’s Creek, but who doesn’t like a good challenge?

November 2022!

When not working as a first responder for the Milford County Sheriff’s department, single mother, Samantha Quinn runs the seasonal Deer Creek Hunting Lodge, until suddenly she finds herself the one needing rescued.
Henry Quinn’s baseball years are behind him. Now as a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officer he finds himself called to rescue the last person he ever expected. Can he do his job and not make it personal, or will old ghost keep him from the only woman he ever loved.

Is it possible that Bear Claw Mountain have a serial killer roaming its woods? 

(not the final book cover)