To Catch a Hummingbird

A Miller’s Creek Novel

Coming May 24th, 2021!

A patient man holds the strong, the wild, and the beautiful, whereas a man without patience will be empty-handed all the days of his life.

Busy isn’t just a mere word to Lydia Miller, it’s a way of life. Taking on every duty and charity offered means no time to entertain her past mistakes. Until the home she has worked so desperately to save is sold and her mother moves them in with the local widower, Silas Graber. Will she finally be challenged to face more than her past? Accepting the role as caregiver to the three motherless Graber children, Lydia finds a passion worth pursuing, but will the return of the only man she ever loved threaten this new life she has come to hold dear, or has her heart been captured already?

Book 2 of the Miller’s Creek Amish series

Book 3 of the Miller’s Creek Amish series

An Amish Flower Farm

An Uplifting Romance by Hallmark Publishing

Coming July 27, 2021!

She grows flowers.

He raises bees for honey.

They help each other out,

because that’s what neighbors do…

Belinda Graber loves growing flowers for her family to sell at the Amish marketplace. Venturing beyond the farm to sell them in town, though, is out of the question. People would stare at the birthmark on her cheek, and she’s dealt with enough teasing in her life.

As a beekeeper, Adam Fisher knows how blessed he is to live next door to the Grabers’ greenhouses and fields. But when his father is injured, Adam has to take a job at the local mill. How will he manage the honey harvest?

Adam and Belinda make a deal: if she tends his hives, he’ll sell her flowers in town.

Belinda’s sure that her growing feelings for Adam could never be returned. Meanwhile, Adam can’t help but notice how his shy neighbor charms the bees…or is he the one being charmed? Because his last courtship ended badly, Adam tells himself this arrangement is strictly business, even if Belinda is sweet as honey.

This uplifting Amish romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe.

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His Amish Wife’s Hidden Past

A heartwarming tale from Love Inspired.

Coming September 28, 2021!

Becoming an Amish wife

is her only option…

Englischer Hannah Raber will do anything to protect her children when they are sent into witness protection—even marry her late husband’s brother. Learning to be an Amish wife is a big adjustment, especially since she’s determined to keep an emotional distance. But as her girls bond with Daniel, Hannah can’t help but wonder if strangers from different worlds can turn a convenient marriage into a forever love…

Christmas Grace

Coming October 26, 2021!

Second chances and the Christmas spirit abound in Mindy Steele’s heartwarming novel, one of faith, love, and the power of community.

Grace Miller believed herself in love with the charming Englischer who eventually broke her heart. Now alone except for the secret life growing inside her, she arrives in the unfamiliar small village of Walnut Ridge, Kentucky, to hide and hopefully gain forgiveness.

She is pleasantly surprised, however, to find a tight-knit, welcoming group who help her heart grow right alongside her belly. And with the holidays around the corner, there’s plenty of preparations to occupy her mind. Also occupying her mind? Her strong, protective neighbor, Cullen Graber, the town’s blacksmith, who seems intent on not allowing her to ever suffer alone.

Cullen Graber gave up on love after too many losses early in life. He planned to live out his days focusing on his smithy business, yet the beautiful and mysterious Grace refuses to leave his thoughts. But can they open their hearts to God’s grace and create a new family together before Grace must return home?

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A Cranberry Christmas

Coming Soon! 2022

Twenty-year-old Ivy Graber prayed God would release her from the promise she made to her dying father. She didn’t exspect her mother to sale the farm and move Ivy and her two sisters to Wisconsin though. New beginnings are bittersweet. Running from one man only helps her catch the eye of another.

            Peter Troyer won’t fall for just a pretty face ever again. Lesson learned. At least that’s what he told himself before laying eyes on the newcomers at the Cranberry Bed and Breakfast. He knows better than to cross fences, but God keeps opening the gate and Ivy is right there within reach. Can he save the girl he loves from the cold Wisconsin wilderness and close the gap between his Mennonite world and her Amish faith or will too many secrets and an unwelcomed visitor take away all he ever wanted?